Have you had your annual well-woman exam?

The Center for Cerebral Palsy at UCLA, in collaboration with CPF, is participating in a multi-site project “Transforming Women’s Healthcare”. As a part of this project, the OB/GYN Clinics at UCLA are accepting women with CP for routine OB/GYN care, including annual pelvic exams. For more information on these clinics and how you can make an appointment, click here.

What is CP?


Cerebral palsy is the most common childhood disability in the United States. It is a develop -mental disorder of posture and movement caused by an injury to the brain occurring during…



Dad&SonNot everyone who has cerebral palsy requires treatment. Many people work, play and go to school without needing intervention. For some people, however, the clinical features cerebral palsy…


Clinic Visits

Carl-BrownThe Center has a clinic on Wed mornings at the Luskin Children’s Clinic of Orthopaedic Hospital in the new UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center. All ages are welcome.


Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated doctors and faculty researchers who have spent their lives to improve on the quality of life…


Gift of Giving

catching-ballYour gift to the UCLA Center for Cerebral Palsy will help ensure that it can continue as a center of excellence for clinical care, research, and education…





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