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The Center for Cerebral Palsy strives for excellence in clinical treatment, research and education. The center includes the Center’s weekly clinic and the Kameron Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory. We are the only interdisciplinary clinic in Southern California that evaluates and treats people with cerebral palsy throughout the lifespan.

The Center began in the early 1990’s by Dr. William Oppenheim , a pediatric orthopaedist, Dr. Warwick Peacock, a neurosurgeon and Loretta Staudt, a physical therapist. The goal was to create a place where children with cerebral palsy could be evaluated by doctors with various specialties and a physical therapist working together to treat the complex nature of cerebral palsy. When the question as to the effect of the intervention on the patients’ walking was proposed, they turned to Dr. Eileen Fowler, then director of the Functional Assessment Laboratory in the UCLA Department of Rehabilitation. In 1994, Dr. Margaret Jones, a pediatrician and pioneer in the field of cerebral palsy, joined the clinic. At her request, the clinic expanded to include adults with cerebral palsy. Gradually, funding was obtained to expand the services of the Center and the disciplines represented in the clinic.

Marcia Greenberg MS, PT, KEMG is the Center’s Clinical Coordinator and gait laboratory physical therapist. Dr. Erika Hassan, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, volunteered in the clinic for over fifteen years. She was instrumental in developing the Center’s Botox program. Dr. Hassan retired in 2013; however she left the Botox program  in the capable hands of Dr. William Oppenheim, orthopaedic surgeon and the Center’s medical director. Other team member include Dr. Rebecca Hanson, pediatric neurologist, and Dr. Nader Pouratian, neurosurgeon. Loretta Staudt has remained on the team as a research physical therapist and Dr. Fowler is the director of the Kameron Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory and the Center’s Director of Research and Education.




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