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Spasticity Management

Spasticity is the most common clinical feature of cerebral palsy. Until the 1990s, orthopedic surgery, therapy and bracing were the only treatments available to address the musculoskeletal and functional problems associated with spasticity. While orthopedic surgery, therapy and bracing continue to have an important role, treatments now exist to reduce spasticity in children and adults with cerebral palsy. Each of these interventions – botulinum toxin A (commonly referred to by its trade name Botox ®), intrathecal baclofen pump and selective posterior rhizotomy has unique properties, advantages and disadvantages. The goal of these treatments is to provide increased ease of movement and improve quality of life by decreasing unwanted muscle activity. These treatment are often followed by therapy, individually designed equipment, and sometimes orthopaedic surgery to maximize functional independence. For a handout on options for spasticity management in cerebral palsy, CLICK HERE.

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