Here are some helpful links to agencies, organizations and documents addressing issues related to cerebral palsy for both consumers and professionals.

Consumer/Medical Information

California Children’s Services
California Regional Centers
Reaching for the Stars
Stem Cell Research Fact Sheet
Tarjan Center for Developmental Disabilities at UCLA
UCLA Intervention Program
United Cerebral Palsy

 Recreation/Fitness Resources

Adaptive Tricycles
A brief guide of features and considerations for children with CP
 casacolina Casa Colina Outdoor Adventures – a program that focuses on empowering people with disabilities by creating opportunities through challenging and exciting activities
Exercise and Recreation Resources in the Los Angeles area
 IFC Inclusive Fitness Coalition – a cross-section of the disability rights, sports, health/fitness and civil rights communities dedicated to promoting equitable access to, and safe use of, fitness and recreational equipment, facilities, and programs
 NHCpad National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability – links to ongoing program fitness and exercise initiatives across the nation. Includes items on health promotion and nutrition, research and videos of adaptive sports, recreation and access
Special Olympics
US Adaptive Recreation Center
UCLA Adaptive Recreation Program


– jeans for children and adults with physical disabilities, also offers tailoring services to adapt clothing to individual physical needs
Adaptive Mall
 – a catalogue of adaptive cycles and other equipment for people with disabilities
– specialized sneakers and shoes for children that are easier to put on and take off, with or without AFOs
Keeping Pace
– shoes for children and adults with AFOs or adaptive footwear



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